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Welcome to Mucky Pups dog grooming services,

I provide a complete grooming experience tailored to you on a 1 to 1 basis in Maybush and the surrounding areas. I strive to make every visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for you and your precious pooch.


I am an extremely confident dog handler with a massive passion for dogs, I have trained to a very high standard at a well renowned training  academy in Awbridge -- I constantly keep up to date with new trends and changes in the industry. I have always had pet dogs throughout the whole of my life of differing breeds, sizes and ages, which is why I welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, whether they're pedigree, crossbreed or a mongrel everyone is welcome at Mucky Pups.


Keeping your dog washed and properly groomed helps to keep them healthy. Dogs can carry an enormous amount of dirt, dust, dead skin etc in their coats.  Correct washing and grooming from a professional groomer removes dirt, allergens, dust and dead skin. A professional groom will ensure that your dogs coat is incredibly  clean, light, and airy which will make it feel really soft, fresh and a pleasure to touch.

All dogs benefit from regular grooming, it is a myth that dogs should not be washed too often. "Doggie smell" is rancid fatty acids that build up on the skin and in the coat which causes the not so pleasant odour. Washing and grooming will remove this build up and of course the smell....


Most dogs enjoy being shampooed, especially if they start at an early age.

The frequency of the need for a groom depends on the breed, coat type and how much brushing and grooming you carry out yourself.


Washing and brushing your dog between professional grooms can not only improve your bond with your dog but keep his coat in tip top condition.